Vegas-style dining experience in the Ridge


The glitz of the Las Vegas strip has made it to the Ridge.According to Twenty3 Supper Club co-owner Anthony Di Maio, the hope is to bring a new kind of dining experience to the neighborhood. “A lot of these restaurants around here, you walk in and it’s a dead atmosphere,” Di Maio said. “We think Bay Ridge deserves more than that.” Referencing Las Vegas establishments Fix at the Bellagio and STK at the Cosmopolitan as inspiration for the culinary venture, Di Maio cites atmosphere as the critical element that places those restaurants above the rest. “A reason for their success was their ability to combine nightlife and dining,” he said. And that is exactly what Di Maio and his four co-owners are hoping to accomplish with Twenty3, located on Fifth Avenue between 89th and 90th Streets. Download article in pdf

100% Homemade
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Sophiscated Supper
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Brooklyn Bombshell
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